About Us

Specialist treatment of cardiovascular disease

Vascular West was established in 2006 with a focus on treating cardiovascular disease using specialised vascular imaging equipment.

Our company uses two components to help treat various cardiovascular and related diseases. The first is our ultra-modern vascular imaging service, and the second, a comprehensive management plan for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases such as peripheral vascular disease, heart disease, stroke, kidney disease and diabetes.

Our doctors are specialists in varying aspects of vascular disease; they look after a variety of patients, referred for management of particular illness. This unique model of cardiovascular management enables our doctors to work together as a team to improve patient outcomes.

Our Facilities

Each of our practices is equipped with the latest digital technology infrastructure and ultrasound equipment. This allows us to perform a high-quality vascular imaging service using advanced technology, and specialist doctors to interpret the results. All sonographers are university trained, and all scans are reported by a vascular surgeon with expertise in vascular ultrasound.

To enhance our services, our reporting is performed using a wide area broadband network, which allows for remote digital reporting and for reports to be automatically, and digitally, sent to the referring doctors. This seamless sharing of information amongst highly experienced and specialised doctors allows us to combine resources and provide patients with a comprehensive treatment plan.

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